Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Phone Pictures

Yesterday I was exploring my phone when stumbled upon a bunch of old pictures. So I decided to put them up.

My brother sam as Bat Boy.

My brother Mike as Smalls from the movie The Sandlot.

"I can fly. I'm pilot."

My funny friends Kyal and Chris.

Dragon Fish!!! R.I.P.

My friend Megan gave me this fish for my birthday.

His name was Luke Skywalker. R.I.P.

Sam and Mason not knowing how to manhandle a fish.

The legendary white stag.

This is a funny dog I saw when I used to clean pools.

haha I love this picture. This is also when I use to clean pools.

This is when I went hiking with my friend Rachelle.

Plain ride to Alaska.

Alaska was so awesome. I definitely want to

go back someday.

Spirit Halloween

"Oh.. Mr. Arnold"


My Stryder dog.