Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Couches in Alleys


Sunday, December 12, 2010

No one gets left behind


"Next time you are greeted with 'how do you do?' consider your response; the rest of your life depends on it."

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Penny "The Patternles"

I love how Petco doesn't know what they carry.. I bought a $100 leopard gecko for $15 yesterday! I named her Penny. She is a Patternless Albino.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Do you like reptiles?

A couple friends and I have started a new business! It is called Extreme Exotics. We are a private breeder of investment quality reptiles, specializing in select geckos, snakes and various lizards. We will have a website up soon! I put a link to our facebook on the right.

Some of our reptiles!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Life Goes On



Friday, November 26, 2010

Bon Iver - Woods / Inspeiration

I like these quotes...

A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.
~May Angelow

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.
~Henry Ford

It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, "Always do what you are afraid to do."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rocky Racoon


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All I Have To Do Is Dream

Random fact... in 1986, the Everly Brothers were among the first 10 artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Easy Living

I love this song. It was used in a video game that my brothers used to play called "Fallout".

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lime Green Gecko!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby Leopard Geocko



Sunday, October 24, 2010

Margot the Leopard Gecko


Super Hypo
Carrot Tail

Friday, October 15, 2010



poor little guy..

Thursday, September 30, 2010

LOVE art


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dream Girl

haha I just thought this was great. It's about a guy that meets the girl of his a dream. And his quest to find her in real life.

Last night I had a dream. For the most part, it wasn't really a dream; it was a nightmare. That was until I met the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I woke up in a cold sweat at 2:29AM and began drawing. It's now 5:55AM and I'm writing this. After what I've seen, I'm not sure I'll ever get back to sleep. Let me tell you about my dream...

I was shopping in Superdrug for some new razors when from out of nowhere I saw a man stagger from behind the tampons and bite an elderly woman on the neck. Why she was stood by the tampons at her age, I'll never know. However, that doesn't excuse his actions and I went to investigate. As I began walking towards him I saw a horde of no less than a dozen people lumbering toward me. Now I'm no fool, I've seen Dawn of the Dead, I've seen 28 Days Later and I've seen Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' enough times to realise that I was encountering the living dead. Before they got any closer I had hurdled the Colgate and burst through the fire exit in true Bruce Willis fashion.

I ran as fast as I could home, dodging group after group of zombies. How I didn't see them when entering Superdrug I'm not sure, but the fact is that they were after my big, juicy brain. To cut a long story short, I managed to get home after strangling anything that moved. Regrettably I managed to throttle a small child in the process after mistaking him for a zombie. Looking back I think he was just having a fit.

After opening my front door I was greeted by my housemate, Graham. However, it wasn't the Graham that I've grown to respect and love (in a strictly platonic way, obviously), he was infected, he was one ofthem. I had no choice but to decapitate him with his own pizza cutter. I felt bad doing it, but it really was my only chance of survival. I dashed up to my room and locked the door behind me. I was safe.

This is when I met her. I turned to see a figure in my room. Thinking it was time to slay another zombie, I picked up the heaviest item in reach: a weighty copy of The Bible I was given by some bloke with a megaphone in Oxford Street. I crept towards her, grasping the Old Testament in my hand. I lifted it up above my head with the intention of striking her but as I did so she turned to face me. I froze. In front of me was the most beautiful girl that I've ever seen, ever. I couldn't believe what I was seeing (and still can't, to be honest) as I stood there motionless looking her up and down. She was incredible. She was gorgeous. She was absolutely, genuinely perfect. She smiled at me and said: "Hello, I'm so glad you're here," and then kissed me.

And then, all of a sudden, I woke up. Distraught, I reached down the side of my bed to find a pad of lined paper and began sketching the most accurate picture I could possibly draw. This is it:

I'm no artist. I think you can tell that and I'd like to point out that this picture doesn't even convey 1% of her beauty. The girl in my dream was perfect, this picture, however, is not. Therefore, I must let you know that:

~She didn't have a weird little pointy nose.

~She didn't have lips like a fish.

~She didn't have a lumberjack's chin.

~She didn't have beady little eyes.

~Her hair was actually more likeKate Nash's.

Other than that, the drawing is pretty accurate.

I don't think that I dream about people that don't actually exist. Whether they are friends, family, or people that I've seen on television; everyone that has ever been in my dream I've seen somewhere. I genuinely believe that this person exists .

This is where you come in; If you look like the person above, please, please, email me. I beg you, I'm absolutely besotted with this girl and if it might be you, then I'd love to hear from you. If it looks like someone you know, please, please, send them this website. The URL is If you don't know anyone that looks like the person above but you believe in love and still want to assist me in finding the girl of my dreams then click the 'how to help me' link.

Thank you ever so much for reading,

Adam Pacitti x

Monday, September 6, 2010

awesome robot statue

Check out this sweet robot my brother Mike made. It's made out of ink cartridges an stuff.

What Mike says... "I've been fairly busy lately with school and work so I haven't got around to making any new art besides my math notes which seem to be tattered with enough pictures to create a gallery. The image above is of a statue I created for a scholarship (which I did not win) about a month ago. Hopefully with the art classes I'm taking I will be able to create something I deem worthy to be on this blog."

Here's a link to his blog.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Exotic Reptiles!

Aren't these animals awesome or what! My buddy from work let me come over and check out his pets. He pretty much made my mind explode with how much awesome stuff he knew about reptiles. Also, in this last picture... that is my new baby leopard gecko. Isn't she beautiful?!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Why Thinking Is Overrated

I didn't come up with this
but I thought it was cool.

Imagine you have no head.

I’m serious. Imagine you have no head. Right this instant.

You can feel your arms, legs, hands, feet, stomach, chest and back. But your bodily sensations stop at the neck. There’s nothing there.

At this moment, you can feel, touch, see and hear – but you can’t think.

(Don’t worry about how you can see or hear without eyes and ears – worrying requires a head, and right now you haven’t got one. )

Allow your centre of consciousness to sink from where your head used to be, down into your chest or stomach. Notice what it’s like to have your awareness located at your centre of gravity.

Here's the full artical.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Quality Life

I was looking through my treasure box of sentimental things and found this thing. Ha! I wrote it for a school assignment in high school. I think my junior year.

Drift Wood
by Jacob Garn

     My future home will be a small two story home in the forest. The roof will be made of wood and the walls will be brick covered in moss. The house will have a very enchanted look to it. The windows will look old with lots of squares. There will be a wreath on the door. In the front yard there will be an old red bench. In the back yard there will be a windmill. There will also be a tree fort that my kids and I will make. My wife will have a flower garden that she will sing to every day because that's how flowers grow big and beautiful...duh.

     Within my house the walls will be covered with pictures of family and friends, and paintings that will warm my home and give it a kind of old style feel to it. All of the furniture in my house will be the kind of furniture that if it gets dented, it wont matter because it's already old and worn looking. The first thing everyone will see when walking in to my house is the family room with a fire place and an old piano. There will be two comfy couches and two recliners by the fire place, with easy axes to the book shelf right next to it. The family room will definitely be the place for chill'n. All of the bedrooms will be upstairs. I will leave the kitchen stuff to my wife. There will be a room where I will keep all of our instruments and where we'll also have a recording studio.

     My future children will dress in any way that they want to express themselves as long as it's not all black or something. I will do lots of fun activities with my kids. We will camp in our tree fort all the time. We will also be able to camp in the forest when ever we want and tell stories or sing camp fire songs on the guitar. My kids will have many talents. I'm going to teach them how to play all kinds of instruments and how to draw. When they can keep their balance well enough I'll take them snow boarding. I will also teach them how to skate board and wake board. By playing with my kids, we will be able to grow stronger as a family.

     In the future I will make money by recording and selling music, illustrating art for books and cd's and be a photographer. I plan on making enough money to take care of my family's needs and then their wants. I also plan on giving a small percent each month to fast offerings, and ten percent of whatever I make to tithing. I plan on going on at least two vacations a year with my family. For recreation we will do all kinds of stuff. We will run, hike, take our dog Jasper for walks, go camping, fishing, snow boarding, wake boarding, skate boarding, flying kites etc. By having enough money to take care of all the things I need to take care of, I can improve my life and my family's life by having a good atmosphere for us to learn and grow.

      I don't have to reconcile my quest for money and things with a quality life and significant relationships because I can have both. I can have both by having a job without long hours that pays me enough to be wealthy, that way I can still have a quality life and a significant relationship with my family. And because I'll like my job, that adds even more to my quality life.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friendzies/Sedona, AZ trip

My Friend Holli an I went on a road trip to Sedona last Saterday. This day couldn't have been more perfect.