Wednesday, August 6, 2008

AK to WA and back to AZ

From Alaska to Washington

Our tour guides

A wild rooster scratch.

...quack quack quack! QUACK! QUACK!!!

A pack of wild shrublings.



holli hale said...

Hey I'm home!!! Let's hang!

Jake Garn said...

Yes lets hang!

Amy said...

holy crap, that sunset is amazing!

Jake Garn said...

Yeah I love that picture.

Dallas & Kimberly Alvey said...

I miss the home part!! That picture is way awesome and makes me want to be back in az! I hear it is raining and thunderstorming...your bday wish might come true. haha

Jake Garn said...

That would be so cool! yeah I really like the home part.

Celeste Gillespie said...

Yo, I'm so for real about my picture! I already have a spot for it in my house! Can I request colors :) or is that too picky?

let me know!
480-695-2830 I don't think you have my number

Jake Garn said...

You can request colors. You can pick colors for clothing and flowers, thats about it. There's alot of brown in it. Would it be unwise if I told you what it was?

Celeste and Devyn said...

Brown is good, and I like blues... yea! I'm excited. Don't tell me what it, I'll wait.

when do you guys leave for Seattle?