Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Library Days

Tri Fox! The badest sea dog in the sea Lumpy
Ego Mentonio De el Gwapo el Hidalgo el Burto de sanche Fernande el Fredo Marteinez Corchano Garsia Mamamia de Espronado da 3rd or Eddy
Samuri Swashbuckler Sam

Phil the Flipper Flipping uh...fff...The Best Fish whoever dished fish fff...


Captain Copper Cannon the One Eyed Pacheyed Bicep Squeezing Curly Haired Calf Renching Pirate Scalywag

My friend Nathan Udall and I spent a lot of our high school years drawing amazing pictures in the school library. I was cleaning my room and found some of them. Yeah we were awesome.

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lizzie said...

those are all freakin sexy.