Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Once upon a time
there was a love bird named Liby
and she was all washed up
we got her at the pet store when she was just a pup,
I remember it like it was yesterday
when she came into my life
she never new love
and she only new strife,
Yes it is tragic
but I must go on
she had me fooled
but she was the long con,
finally one day
we felt sorry
so we took her outside
in the middle of Janu-ory,
we opend the cage
from whence she came
she ran away
like love to the flame.

This is a true story. There really was a bird named Liby. She was the selfish love bird who couldn't love. Hmm... maybe that isn't true, because I remember that she loved to do flips in her cage. But maybe she was just trying to break her neck. I will never know for sure but it probably dosn't mater since shes most likely dead.


holli hale said...

Yay!!!! haha. you finally wrote it!!! Didn't she go and join her other lovebird friends??? After hearing about the way Mike tortured her, I am certain that she was trying to break her neck! haha!

Jake Garn said...

Of course she did! Thats going to be in the sequel! Im thinking about calling it "Free Liby".

lizzie said...

haha guess what the love bird we have now(rikku) doesnt love either.

Jake Garn said...

Yes maybe why do you say that? Has he gone to the dark side? I know for a fact he dosn't hate life. We saved him frome the Crow King remember! and he even lets us pet him.

Megs said...

i'm so glad you have a blog
lets be blog friends

Amy said...

dude, jake freakin garn. . . how are you? yeah i heard you moved to alaska cuz nathan told me how depressed he was. the pics are awesome, you are brave to go live there, wish i was that brave. anyways sorry i totally stumbled over your blog when i was blog stalking, just in case you are thinking i am a freak right now.

Amy said...

I've been pretty good, can't complain much. haha, I can't believe you are a blogger and you don't know what blog stalking is!

Mike Garn said...

just to clear things up...

i was not the brain-fall of libby. it was lizzie.

lizzie said...

yah! hello?! PHOTO SHOOT TIME?!

lizzie said...


lizzie said...

haha thanks! and no he is not like westley!!! hahaah! he's just this nerdy kid who has no friends acept for that one girl who is probly more manly than he is.haha