Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wild Encounters!

This bear was snooping in everyone's business.

This bear is hanging above my bed. His name is Sirius Black.

Before this fish was tricked by his friends into gambling his life for a small slice of herring on a hook, followed by a swift beating to the face, than a couple more swift beatings to the face, he lived a good life. His name was... chancho. R.I.P.


J081608J said...

Where in Alaska??

Jake Garn said...

A small town called Soldotna.

JMar said...

I see. Seems you are enjoying it. Do you mind if I ask what took you there?? Just curious. My best mate is in Aniak right now, working. She loves it. It's interesting to see what brings people to places. :) I'm looking forward to seeing alaska!!

Jake Garn said...

I dont mind. Im from Arizona. Im helping my uncle build some cabens so he can rent them out to people and take them fishing. Between work the only things I realy find intrest in is hiking and fishing. But there isnt much to do besides that. If you like outdoor stuff than you would probably like Alaska.

holli hale said...

I hate it when bears are snoopin around in my business!

lizzie said...

go to this youtube video! JUST DO IT!

lizzie said...

watch it, its funny and stupid but it made me laugh!

the begining of this is funny! but stupid!!!

this one is actually cool. its this robot that goes around making up beats. its tight!

lizzie said...

look at this one to!