Wednesday, October 1, 2008

TopHat The Sealion

This is Sam's best friend.


holli hale said...

what is THIS al about?! haha!! Please, explain!

Jacob said...

Well... it all started when TopHat was just a baby. He was an orphan in Brookln. He alwas tride to be the best. Well one day he declared bankruptcy and started hitn the bottle real hard. But then he got a top hat and everyone started showen him respect. After that he was like the Badest thing in town. Well now that you know that story one day I put this on Sams bed with it saying, "Im the badest!". When Sam found it he got all defensive about it (but not really) and put it in my room. That night I put it under his pillow with it saying, "You didn't think you would get rid of me that easy?" haha sometimes we just like doing silly things.

holli hale said...

what a remarkable story!